Ajax striker Suarez gives nod to Barca move

Ajax striker Luis Suarez has declared he wants to continue his career in Spain.

Suarez has made no secret of his desire to play for Barcelona, with his agent, Per Guardiola, being the brother of Barca coach Pep.

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sokrates2280d ago

I afraid you are right. Barcas squad is complete.

sokrates2280d ago

Maybe Chelsea needs him:::))) 1-3... Lets hope Chelsea is getting a top 10 position LOL!

RedDevils2280d ago

lol does he want to be next bench warmer cause he will waste his time there doing nothing, just maybe holding trophy, man these player doesn't even care about playing football anymore really sad

karim2279d ago

He's too expensive but will be useful for us if we decide (unlikely) to get him

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freeduck2279d ago

He needs to come to Liverpool

MasterGuru2279d ago

Everyone wants to play in Barca! Fact is, not everyone will be signed.