Highlights: Arsenal vs Chelsea 3-1 English premier league 27.12.2010

Highlights: Arsenal vs Chelsea 3-1, english premier league
1-0 Song 44'
2-0 Fabregas 51'
3-0 Walcott 53'
3-1 Ivanovic 57'

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KingsCross2315d ago

NO! Arsenal was good, but this is really a blow for Chelsea. Cant understand why they have such dificulties?

crazyturkey2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Great result for Arsenal, but I must say that Chelsea it seem like they didn't even wanted to play at the start of the second half.
Easiest game for Arsenal against Chelsea in a while and now Chelsea need to gain more points against the other title contenders of Manchester.

RedDevils2314d ago

did you notice Chelsea almost loose to all big Teams including Liverpool, compare to last season where they beaten all big teams, now I starting to believe they will not win the title this season

sokrates2315d ago

I Just love it! Love to watch Chelsea loose. Again and again. The cricis is not off- it just started. Theyll loose next one as well! And better: United are gonna win evrything!

presto7172315d ago ShowReplies(1)
Rage_S902314d ago

meh i was hoping for a draw would've been better for united

njc2315d ago

Great match. And great resault

KingsCross2315d ago

Cant say I like it when a mod supports Arsenal.

njc2314d ago

Im not an Arsenal supporter, but I like good football. What I ment to say was that the win was deserved:-)

sokrates2315d ago

No worries. He can start to support United:)

karim2314d ago

I prefer to support West Ham instead of Manchester United.Loyalty

RedDevils2314d ago

why would he support Liverpool? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.