Ozil: 'Barca can be caught'

By Matthias Krug in Madrid, Al Jazeera, Doha, Qatar

Dec. 29 - This has been quite a year for Mesut Ozil, the skillful German midfielder who within just a few months shot from virtual international obscurity to the limelight of the World Cup and a dream summer move to Real Madrid.

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KingsCross2213d ago

Mourinho can do miracles- but I think its gonna be hard this season.

zico2213d ago

he can do miracles, but I hope his miracles is over because he play boring football! He was really lucky with Inter last year, but clever enough to go after that season, because he had never follow up that success this year.

Barca will win both La Liga and CL this year. Maybe the best team ever!

MasterGuru2212d ago

I completely agree with Zico! Every word!

Leio2212d ago

Yeah he is a lucky coach for so many years now ... not ?

lijinhim182212d ago Show
MasterGuru2212d ago

Barca can be caught Ozil... But not by you...