Highlights: Chelsea 1-0 Bolton (English Premier League - 12/29/10)

1-0 Malouda 61'

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zico2212d ago

Important Chelsea...but not convincing win.

karim2212d ago

Finally 3 points :D
Sh*t defending but lucky in the end

zico2212d ago

Congratulation! You had to win this, not only for fighting for the title, but it`s gonna be hard fight for top 4 this year.....without my club Liverpool.....again:-(

sokrates2212d ago

Congrats, Karim! Maybe it will be a end of bad luck for Chelsea...

MaximusPrime2212d ago

finally! too bad for arsenal, they drew

karim2212d ago

Thanks all....Even if it's not a convicing win but our confident will skyrocket (hopefully) and we can return playing the good football we played at the start of the season

MasterGuru2211d ago

Dude, do you HAVE to post 4 different videos if the match had 4 different goals? Couldn't you just put it all in one video? Because I'm curious.

karim2211d ago

What are you talking about ?

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KingsCross2212d ago

Releaf! I bit of luck is not unlegal...:)

Mozilla892211d ago

If you watch replays of that goal you'll see the run is pretty much timed perfectly. I'm not sure Chelsea need to buy as much as people say. I mean we've probably been the most injured top four team this season. Once they get fit we should only need to buy 1 player.

sokrates2211d ago

I love that Chelsea looses, but you are right: They have been unlucky with getting many keyplayers injured. It tastes better if they can play with their best, and still get behind United.