Ten Things We Learned From 2010 - writes: When crafting new year's resolutions, it's as important to look back as it is to look forward. We all like to learn from our mistakes, and also from the errors (and indeed heroics) of others.

Perhaps, then, the footballing world can draw lessons from these ten things we learned from 2010. Some light-hearted, some serious, but hopefully all entertaining and interesting, these are the aspects of a memorable year that we can all look back on and draw from.

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MasterGuru2212d ago

I agree. Barca is the best club there's ever been. :D

MasterGuru2212d ago

Disagree? Owhhhhhh... Someone's in denial it seems... Mummy is waiting for you in the basement... Go cry her a river...

God_Of_Epicness2212d ago

Chelsea is the best club in the world. :P

Hapoel2212d ago

At current form Barca is d best but it could easily change come march or april. you never know. the ball is round after all

karim2212d ago

@God_Of_Epicness You're right !! With this "amazing" form we can beat barca 10-0 and Real 20+ - 0 :P WE ARE THAT GOOD LOL

karim2212d ago is a crap site

karim2212d ago

I'm wondering if there is an undercover user who work for that disagreed with me

MasterGuru2211d ago

LOL. I pressed the agree button. Don't know who disagreed with you...

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