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Blackburn make Ronnie bid

"Reports of a sensational move for the former World Player of the Year emerged on Monday with Rovers' new owners Venky's keen to make a splash in the transfer window.

Venky's initially denied making any move for Ronaldinho, but now they have confirmed they have lodged a £6.2million bid for the former Barcelona star."

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zico2478d ago

interresting seeing him playing in EPL

no_more_heroes2478d ago

it would be very interesting, but as I understand it, he's already agreed terms with Gremio. Then here comes Blackburn, who say they don't want him but then turn around and bid for him.


-Mezzo-2478d ago

I haven't been able to catch a match. but i agree it sure is good.

sokrates2478d ago

I would love him to play in England! But serious, is Blackburn a club for him? He is more than good enough for Chelsea - LOL!

zico2478d ago

yes, 5 year ago.... Lets face the fact: Ronaldinho is not the same as he was!

KingsCross2478d ago

I am afraid Sokrates has a point: Chelsea hasnt been good recently. But, Ronaldo wouldnt have a chance in the world yo play in chelsea.

-Mezzo-2478d ago

Totally agree with you, he WAS a great player. but still is one of my Favorite player.

MasterGuru2477d ago

I hope he does go. I'd love to see him play in the EPL.

Maradona2477d ago

Cool to see him in EPL. But its to cold for him.

RedDevils2477d ago

not only that is more physical, Dinho doesn't have the pace anymore to cope with it

karim2477d ago

Past his prime,would be stupid to spend more tha 10M for him.

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