Wenger: I'm not annoyed City are trying to buy the title

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger accepts rival clubs cannot berate Manchester City for trying to buy the Barclays Premier League title, but warned there is "no given formula" for success.

Since Sheikh Mansour bought the Eastlands club from Thaksin Shinawatra in 2008, around a staggering £1billion has been invested by the Abu Dhabi-based owners.

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rafay2361d ago

We'll know more about bring annoyed or frustrated tonight, won't we...

sokrates2361d ago

True. I guess wenger is gonna use bigger words after tonights loss! LOL

rafay2361d ago

I'd rather see Arsenal win than City honestly..

Mancini is more irritating than any other manager in the EPL.

RedDevils2361d ago

for the sake of it I rather Have City win, to see Wenger excuse that is gonna be more entertaining :)

karim2361d ago

LOL,I prefer a draw or Arsenal to lose just to see his "excuse"..

MasterGuru2361d ago

Why? Mancini barely, if ever, talks. How is he annoying?