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Highlights: Manchester Utd 2-1 Stoke (English Premier League - 1/4/11)

1-0 Hernandez 27'
1-1 Whitehead 50'
2-1 Nani 62'

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moha102662d ago

Both United goals were great! Special the first one!

ohahCantona2662d ago

Great match by CHICHARITO. Like to see him score goals when he is starting matches.

zico2662d ago

Brilliant Backheel goal by Chicharito yes. Agree that he played good today.

RedDevils2662d ago

That flicked from Chicharito was awesome! and a left foot shot from Nani are Brilliant

KingsCross2661d ago

I am shocked by the defense. If it was a league that I didnt know, I would guess united had bought the 3 points. He gave Chicharito space from the real space.

MasterGuru2662d ago

Rooney's overrated. Hope Chicharito cements his place permanently.

zico2662d ago

Maybe they should let Rooney go to City.....?

MasterGuru2662d ago

Yeah, I think so too. LOL

KingsCross2661d ago

Well, considering that I hate United, this is the most stupid comment I have red today. Rooney is f... good. He has saved United to many times. I wish he had stayed in everton- or left for City:)

zootang2661d ago

Rooney is over rated? What nonsense! Next people will say Sir Alex is overrated, jeez!

karim2662d ago

Chicharito > Rooney
Why is "The New Solskjaer" benched when Rooney returns??

KingsCross2661d ago

Fergie knows Rooneys top level. And Rooney has to play to get back to that level.

zico2661d ago

They need him throughout the season. It`s gonna be many important matches before May is over...

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