Highlight: Wolverhampton 1-0 Chelsea, English Premier League

Wolverhampton 1-0 Chelsea, English Premier League
1-0 Jose Bosingwa

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zico2274d ago

Great home crowd! Would like to be there watching it Live!

sokrates2274d ago

Amazing. Chelsea has really lost it! And I am loving it. A lot!

sokrates2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Sorry, I approved it when the match was finished. I streamed the match and entered 11x2 when it was finished and approved it. Yours I guess, was also there by the way.

karim2273d ago

You mean the one who said that you agree with it....

karim2273d ago

Check out your link it will take you to A BLOG I WROTE.

ad4mb2274d ago

And the winner is... Manchester United.


sokrates2274d ago

Looks like it! I was not that confident some months ago when Chelsea was winning with large numbers. Now theyve been playing like spoiled jr kids. Its just perfect!

KingsCross2274d ago

And who are you to tell? I am sure Chelsea will return. The season ends in may. Man U f... nited been playing like shit- but luckely gets 3 points. Like yesterday.

ad4mb2274d ago

Yesterday we played good, maybe if you didnt just look at the scoreline and actualy watched it you would know this.

Oh and keep on crying im loving it!! :)

RedDevils2274d ago

KingsCross Lucky? go back watch the damn game, it sound like you full of shit everytime

Mozilla892274d ago

Sigh, I'm a Chelsea fan but I'll admit it, the title is yours to lose. You guys have been way more consistent and everything else is taking care of it self.

I'm not even sure what to make of this, I don't think there are any excuses. It's not like this is a rough patch, this is relegation form!

Maradona2274d ago

wolves are really doing well these days.

FootballZilla2274d ago

bottom in the table before this game LOL

no_more_heroes2274d ago

the league is changing. teams at the bottom aren't quite the pushovers they used to be, mid-table teams are falling into some serious cash nowadays and improving as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.