Eric Abidal gets knocked out then scores first Barcelona goal v Bilbao

Eric Abidal is the toast of Barcelona this morning after an incredible performance in the Copa del Rey clash at Athletic Bilbao last night – the French defender was knocked out by an object from the crowd and then went on to score his first ever goal for the Catalan giants.

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karim2362d ago

There were racist chants
they threw at him...
THEN he scores his first EVER goal for Barca...PRICELESS.

Hapoel2361d ago

His God (Allah) helped him.

karim2361d ago

Allah/God the same thing ;) Just a difference of name.

Maradona2362d ago

Bilbao should get a real punishment for this one.

karim2362d ago

Agree....A HUGE fine might do it

Maradona2362d ago

yes and play without supporters some matches.

Hapoel2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

I agree. I can't imagine the feeling of being taunt with racism. Must have been really hard for him.