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English Comment: Abramovich Needs To Act Fast Before Chelsea's Roman Empire Crumbles Completely

When Roman Abramovich took over in 2003, there was an immediate sense that Chelsea were to be taken into a new era of unimaginable glory, but now an age of mediocrity could well be upon the Premier League champions unless the Russian digs into his pockets.

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karim2660d ago

Roman we are all grateful for what you did to us...But please spend for the clubs future.

MasterGuru2660d ago

Exactly. 2 years after his takeover, his ambition seems to have fade away.

MasterGuru2659d ago

No. I meant 2. He never seemed to want to spend just as much as his first 2 years.

karim2659d ago

It was just the last 2 seasons...his money dried.

MasterGuru2659d ago

His money dried? Oh, really?


28 December 2010. What do you have to say about that?

karim2659d ago

You misunderstood it,his money dried....ON CHELSEA

Boomba2656d ago

hmm no more winning the cup eh? Lets just by it again!