World Football: Ranking the Top 10 Players on the Planet

Every year, someone new will pop up and reopen the debate of who the top player on the planet is and where that player slots into the discussion. With the Ballon D'or discussions drawing to a close, now is a perfect time to rekindle the debate.

There are undoubtedly many great players in the game today and the Champions League and World Cup have provided the perfect platforms for the best exponents of the beautiful game.

So without further ado, here are my top 10 players in world football today and the reasons why they are deserving of their places on the list.

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MasterGuru2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Well-compiled list. Just need to get Kaka out of there. His form has dropped tremendously since 2009. He's been living on name for the past two years.

RedDevils2394d ago

look at that pic, it's look like Backstreet boys there LOL

Maradona2393d ago

you know hes been injured.

rafay2394d ago

Kaka and Ibrahimovic won't make it on my list. But otherwise spot-on!

Rage_S902394d ago

robben needs to be higher

God_Of_Epicness2394d ago

Agreed. He is "off the radar" ever since the World Cup ended.

Mozilla892393d ago

Probably because he hasn't played since the world cup.

karim2393d ago

Robben is one of the best in the world..No one can argue.

Hapoel2394d ago

Great list. Quite accurate imo. But then again, he added Ibra and Kaka who both don't deserve to be there. But anyway great list none the less.

rafay2394d ago

Someone approve the story already!

MasterGuru2394d ago

This is the traffic problem I've been talking about but eventually, it'll be approved so don't worry.

God_Of_Epicness2394d ago

Where is Drogba and Lampard? They should replace Ibrahimovic and Kaka!

MasterGuru2394d ago

Drogba and Lampard? If you had only mentioned Drogba, you would certainly have made a point but Lampard? He's had his highest goal scoring season last year but that doesn't mean he should be placed along the best players in the world. If we were 5 years back, I would agree with you but now? No.

karim2394d ago

Lampard have been scoring 20+ goals and 10+ assists EVERY SEASON.Last season he scored he scored 28 GOALS (he's also a midfielder) and made like 18 assists (more than Xavi) and created more chances that any other player in the premier league - Serie A- Bundesliga but Xavi is the ONLY ONE who beat him so why not include him..

MasterGuru2394d ago

28 goals. Impressive for a midfielder. May I ask something? How many of those goals were penalties? Not that there is anything wrong with scoring penalties but it is an accepted FACT that penalties are easier to score from.

I'm not taking away anything from Lampard. I've always liked him but I'm just sayin' that right now, he's not one of the best midfielders in the world.

rafay2394d ago

Lampard has been a shadow of what he was. I agree, he does not make it into the top ten, specially when there are mid-fielders like Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas and Ronaldo. Lampard is not in that league.

Mozilla892393d ago

I thought that was an interesting question MasterGuru so I looked it up. In the PL he scored 21 or 22 goals 10 of them being penalties.

karim2393d ago

Lampard scored 10 Pk from his 28 goals...He made 18 assists and was only beaten by Xavi in the most chances created...This season he have been injured for FOUR months and you can't expect him to come back to his ususal self asap...he needs time.

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