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Wenger named world's best manager of the past decade (It's the only trophy he's won for six years)

Forget the heroics of José Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson, or the genius of Carlo Ancelotti, Arsène Wenger has been the world’s best manager over the past decade – and it’s official.

The Arsenal boss topped a table complied by the ‘International Football Federation of History & Statistics’ (IFFHS) – an organisation recognised by FIFA.

The 61-year-old, whose team have not won any silverware in six years, earned 156 points while Ferguson was second (148) and Real Madrid’s Mourinho followed in third (135).

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karim2163d ago

I think theese should be the best manager of the last decades :
1.Sir Alex Ferguson
2.Jose Mourinho

crazyturkey2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Even though I'm an Arsenal fan, I have to admit that Karim's list makes more sence than the one provided by the IFFHS. The only thing that I can think of, that Wenger has done that the others haven't is manage a team that doesn't spend big on star players and still is competitive. He seems to have a really good eye for young talent. I guess trophies won are not that important to the IFFHS.

rafay2163d ago

Mine would be like this
1. Sir Alex
2. Wenger
3. Mourinho
4. Guardiola
5. Ancelotti

rafay2163d ago

I think loyalty has to count for some extra points...

karim2163d ago

I would put Ancelotti above Guardiola due to the fact that Guardiola possess the BEST SQUAD IN THE WORLD.

rafay2163d ago

Yeah thats true, but still he's kept it together and six trophies in a year... And adding to it the fact that Chelsea is down in the dumps right now...

karim2163d ago

It's down to Injuries and little confidence...but no one can deny he's one of the best in the business.

FootballZilla2163d ago

1.Sir Alex Ferguson
2.Jose Mourinho
5.Van Gaal

no_more_heroes2163d ago

funny how Italy has 3 out of the top ten managers in the World, yet the highest ranking Englishman is Roy Hodgson at 92nd, even higher than Harry Redknapp. Only 3 English managers in total as well...and yet England are considered World Cup contenders...

karim2163d ago

Really sad...
And how the hell did Roy rank higher than Redknapp

no_more_heroes2162d ago

Hodgson actually has a slightly more impressive CV than Redknapp, having managed at Inter twice, Blackburn, Udinese and the Swiss National team, and has been around and been successful for longer.

karim2162d ago

But Harry is undoubtly a better manager.

ad4mb2162d ago

why is he? dont even mention liverpool because as I have said countless times they were a mess long before he got there, and im sure, if given the time he could get them out of it, but hes not going to get that time lol. Everyone these days expects success straight away which just isnt how it works.

He should never have gone to that club because it was just the titanic waiting to happen.

RedDevils2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

ROY should have just stay at Fulham, maybe he can make it to the Champion league, since he feel more confident with his squad, whereas Liverpool is a big pile of mess that Rafa left and he is expect to clean it up and make it spotless don't think that would happen in 1 season

karim2162d ago

@ad4mb and @reddevils I agree...Rafa killed Liverpool (no matter what the fans say) too bad that he will be sacked.
He SHOULD have stayed at Fulham.

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