Highlights: AC Milan 4-4 Udinese (Italian Serie A - 1/9/11)

0-1 Di Natale 35'
1-1 Pato 45'
1-2 Sanchez 53'
1-3 Di Natale 66'
2-3 Benatia (Own goal) 78'
3-3 Pato 82'
3-4 Denis 89'
4-4 Ibrahimovic 90'

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Leio2266d ago

Slowdorf and Bonera OMG these guys dont even fit in Serie-C :/

Crazy match nonetheless the best in Serie-A so far :)

no_more_heroes2266d ago

Serie A has been very fun to watch this season. More random than even the Premier League this season, but only just. Lazio had a cracking match with Lecce today as well.

sokrates2266d ago

LOL! Didnt watch the game, but I can Imagine it was great!

FootballZilla2265d ago

Yh it was class game espeacially the 2nd half the last 15min were amazing i though milan was going to get the 4-3

karim2266d ago

One of the best Serie A games EVER.
Pure entertainement

zico2266d ago

Great Zlatan goal! And what a match. pity I did not see it!

pwneddemocrat2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

nice score for Milan.
great to see them get back in shame after the scandals
just hope my fav Juventus gets back on track again

sokrates2265d ago

Juve? I dont think they have chances this season.

pwneddemocrat2265d ago

They were doing great until that draw game they played in the snowy field two weeks ago
dont know what happened after that game they kept losing again and again
it's a shame really they were rivaling for top 3 before that game
ah well, never lose hope in the old Juve