VIDEO: Disgraceful Liverpool Fans Chant 'Munich' During Manchester United Loss

At any time of year Manchester United would rightly get upset with taunts of "Munich, Munich" from opposing supporters. But so close to the February 6th memorial day, and with the taunters being Liverpool fans, those following the Red Devils will have been particularly sensitive to a clip caught during Sunday's FA Cup third round match.

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FootballZilla2510d ago

Thats pretty bad, what a fuc*ing stupid prick.

sokrates2510d ago

Typical Liverpool. No class no glory!

TheJack2510d ago

Is that guy Liverpool?! No!!! So dont be so judgemental. Thats how racism begin by generalisation!

Leio2510d ago

Just dress like one doesnt make him a fan nor represent all fans. The world is not that easy to sum up dude. A prick is a prick and he only represents himself.

zootang2510d ago

The funny thing is death is a touchy subject for Liverpool FC fans because of the whole Hillsborough disaster.

I don't think any true Liverpool fan would support his attitude.

KingsCross2509d ago

This has nothing to do with neither the club or the fans.- Just a bounch of stupid, drunk guys, singing something they dont understand.

sokrates2509d ago

YES. And thats typical Liverpool.

rafay2510d ago

There are all kinds of people in the world...

karim2510d ago

Dumbass...should be banned.

FootballZilla2509d ago

I wasnt saying all liverpool fans are like i was refering to the ones who where singing that.

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