Manchester United's luck will run out

We are just over halfway through the season, and United are very fortunate to be in their position. They have certainly been no great shakes all season, but the rest of the top sides just haven't got their act together either.

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Sahil2264d ago

Written by Paul Parker (former ManU player).. lol

MasterGuru2264d ago

Don't really care. Anyone could post on Yahoo.

rafay2264d ago

Have to totally agree with this. They do deserve to be top of the table, but they don't deserve to be undefeated! For one they should have lost to West Brom.

karim2263d ago

Don't know I think if they were hit by injuries maybe...

sokrates2263d ago

True. Rooney has played all the matches, hasnt he?

karim2263d ago

Yeah because he is SOO on form.
And yes,Rio and Vidic were injured and didn't play in the same game.
Nani was injured for 4 months,righht ?
Berbatov suffered Malaria.
You were hit By THOSE Injuries,right ?

sokrates2263d ago

Got your point, karim. And I like the way you wrote it! Buble up for you!!!

karim2263d ago

Thanks...I thought you were gonna be angry.

zeddy2263d ago

fergie even admitted that they woud get beat eventually, i still dont know how arsenal did it.

RufustheKing2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Luck, lots of Luck ;)