VIDEO: A brilliant goal you might not have seen: Freddy Guarin (FC Porto-Maritimo)

t would be a little presumptuous to suppose that you “won’t have seen” this goal since it was scored by the Portuguese league leaders, but if you haven’t seen Freddy Guarin’s howitzer, prepare to be amazed.

The Colombian midfielder took aim from around 40 yards out and his right-footed effort slammed into the top right hand corner at a speed of 85km an hour.

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FootballZilla2300d ago

40 Yard the last camera view from behind is class and is reaction.

KingsCross2300d ago

shit- he scored! Amazing. Roberto Carlos freekick against France many years ago croosed my mind. And a Porto player?

FootballZilla2300d ago

what you mean by porto player?

karim2300d ago

Robert Carlos-eque goal and classic celebration.

FootballZilla2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

what roberto carlos-eque?
what does that even mean lol