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Blatter considering technology

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has given his strongest backing so far to goal-line technology, saying: "If it works we will do it."

Although UEFA president Michel Platini will travel to Wales in March to try to prevent football's law-makers giving the go-ahead to trials of the goal-line systems, Blatter looks to have completely changed his position of 12 months ago.

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zico2717d ago

welcome to 2011 Blatter. These old bosses in fifa is so conservatives. This should have been implemented long time ago. The technology we have already.

Had this been introduced before the summer's VC I think England had beaten Germany

rafay2716d ago

All I can say is; Yeah Right! Won't happen

MaximusPrime2716d ago

"If it works we will do it."

Of course it will!

it works in Tennis and rugby to name a few!