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Ferguson blasts Liverpool players

Sir Alex Ferguson has blamed Liverpool's players for Roy Hodgson's sacking, also insisting there was a media agenda against his old friend.

Hodgson was dumped by the Anfield outfit last week after struggling to get them above mid-table since his arrival in the summer. Although his exit was widely expected, it still came as a shock barely six months after his successful stint at Fulham.

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karim2655d ago

He should mainly blame the fans.

rafay2655d ago

But he does have a point. You never saw any Liverpool player really bothered about losing a match except for Gerrard.

karim2655d ago

Yeah I agree,Gerrard is exceptional and the ONLY ONE who cares about the team.

If he didn't care about Liverpool he would have been at Chelsea years ago or Joined Madrid in the summer.

Others just don'r care,maybe Reina..

rafay2655d ago

I think Gerrard will go on leave Liverpool this summer. He should, they're wasting his talent. And yeah maybe Reina too.

And the worst of all is Torres.

sokrates2655d ago

Liverpool has been a shame for the last 16 months. Their attitude is embarrassing. looks like their more up to a night on the town, than playing.

RedDevils2655d ago

If Steve going Liverpool will be worser than they are now, he is the heart of Liverpool

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