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Barcelona president hints at new summer Cesc bid

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is still hoping to sign Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, despite the club's failed attempt to bring in the Catalan midfielder last summer.

Former Barca president Joan Laporta was frustrated in his plans to sign Fabregas before stepping down last year, and Rosell was also unable to recruit the midfielder - who was a youth player at the Catalan club - upon taking over in July.

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karim2565d ago

He shouldn't hint,we all know it's gonna happen.

rafay2564d ago

Took the words right from me!

no_more_heroes2565d ago

ask nicely and we'll MAYBE consider


karim2565d ago

Tapping up a player is not the answer.

crazyturkey2565d ago

Offer at least 45 million Pounds and Wenger and the board may consider it.

karim2565d ago

You could bring a player as talented as him with half that sum.

sokrates2565d ago

I dont think this is a question about money. Fabregas is to important for Arsenal. And, he never knows if he will fit that well in another club.

RedDevils2564d ago

@Guru do you even know not all player fit in to Barca, lol at Ibra he shit in Barca and look at him in Milan complete different