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karim2440d ago

Sad they couldn't draw after the impressive comeback.

no_more_heroes2440d ago

I approved because the seventh goal pushes the embed character limit to over 4000 characters.

*on topic*
Cracking game, wolves played well enough to deserve a draw.

FootballZilla2440d ago

couldnt put the 7th goal on because of the limit like you said.

sokrates2440d ago

I agree with Golden. On topic: City is fu.... when Tevez leaves. He is the heart and soul of City! Amazing player playing for a rubbish club!

zico2440d ago

Agree. They deserved a draw after great comeback. But Tevez is great. His first goal....Like it!

RedDevils2440d ago

why don't you just get the link from veoh or Dailymotion they both better and full length highlight

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FootballZilla2440d ago

Dzeko didnt score but had a good game, Tevez good as allways, and wolves have an amazing team spirit