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Extended Highlights: Tottenham 0-0 Manchester United [English Premier League 16/01/2011]

No goals in this match, but still a lot of highlights..

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ohahCantona2650d ago

United are out of form­ at the moment, the worst is Rooney. I hope Valencia soon coming back­ from injury. We need his skills right now, and many others must hit form.

zico2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Rooney has not been himself since last season. Only 3 goals this­ season isn`t?....and 2 of them is penalties.

MaximusPrime2650d ago

predicted a draw and very happy.

this slows Man U down and keep Spurs 5th place.

Good job, Spurs

zico2650d ago

Spurs deserved to win today! Van Der Saar was close....

Mozilla892649d ago

You mean van der vaart?

karim2649d ago

This result is the best for Chelsea.

Maradona2649d ago

Best for Chelsea?
Chelsea is not fighting for anything anymore...
Maybe Europa League.

karim2649d ago

Coming from a Liverpool fan...That's pretty funny.

Maradona2649d ago

Yes but i idmit that we have nothing to fight for.

karim2649d ago

We are fighting for the FA CUP
We're also gonna fight for the CL (nothing is impossible)
We're also fighting for a Top 4 finish and if we're lucky for the title.

Mozilla892649d ago

So essentially we're fighting for nothing ;)

Maradona2649d ago

0-0 between spurs and tottenham has nothing to do with Fa cup, and not the CL either.
If you feel Chelsea is good for top 4 thats fair.

karim2649d ago

I know it has nothing to do with them I'm just telling what we're fighting for..