Highlights: Barcelona 4-1 Malaga [Spanish Primera Division 16/01/2011]

1-0 A. Iniesta 8'
2-0 D. Villa 18'
3-0 P. Rodriguez 36'
3-1 Duda 68'
4-1 David Villa 74'

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no_more_heroes2258d ago

I phuking called it! I predicted a 4-1 win for Barca!

sokrates2257d ago

:) Next time you write me first so I can put some money on the result:).

Barca is strong. No doubt. I am really looking forward to the Arsenal match...!

The Hunter2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Afellay should have score in the last minute from a terrible pass of Messi.. Messi played not good today, he was still good ofcource with a assist but he was not phenomenal as always..

Still, Barca as team was very good today!

zico2258d ago

I think we expect Messi to be "the best" and to do something special every match, because he usually does. He must also have bad days sometimes. But Barca is not depending on one person. They have more than 10 others who are fantastc players

karim2257d ago

As always great Performance from Barca.