Borusia Dortmund vs. Barcelona: Comparing the Best Two Teams in Europe

Looking at the major leagues across Europe, two teams stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to consistency and sheer brilliance: Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona.

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FootballZilla2323d ago

Porto havent lost in the league or europa league yet :/

no_more_heroes2323d ago

wow, didn't even realise that. Guess that means Porto are the best team in Europe at the moment then! ;)

FootballZilla2322d ago

we lost in portuguese league cup vs nacional..

You support porto?

Rockstar_Panda2322d ago

I think it's obvious by my avatar xD

sokrates2322d ago

I know:) I checked it out before I did my "bettings" on the 11x2 league.

KingsCross2323d ago

Borrusia? Does not dererve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Barca, Real or Chelsea!