Should Real Madrid have had a last minute penalty at Almeria?

When you are chasing the best Barcelona team in history, a draw at Almeria feels like a defeat and it will come as no surprise that the Madrid based media are pointing fingers at referee Perez Lasa this morning.

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FootballZilla2350d ago

when i so it live no, but by that pic yes.

no_more_heroes2350d ago

It looks close, but I still think it was just outside the box.

freeduck2350d ago

Well there goes Real Madrid's chance at winning the league title. Absolutely impossible for them to come back unless Barcelona draws or loses 1-2 games, and I don't see that happening at all.

karim2350d ago

I think it was inside the box.

Senden2350d ago

Call it justice from all the dives they've taken so far this season.

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