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Highlights: Manchester City 4-2 Leicester City (FA Cup 3rd Round Replay - 18/1/11)

1-0 Carlos Tévez 15'
1-1 Paul Gallagher (pen)19'
2-1 Patrick Vieira 37'
3-1 Adam Johnson 38'
3-2 Lloyd Dyer 83'
4-2 Alexsandar Kolarov 90'

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no_more_heroes2957d ago

Leicester really made City sweat for this win.

Leio2957d ago

Agreed they dominated most the game and for a team in a budget as much as one player in MC they really put up a great fight :)

sokrates2957d ago

Only the result is sad! City could have lost this one easily! To bad they didnt.

b163o12957d ago

Plenty of City Hatred all around. LMFAO O.o LC did play strong. Watch out for Worlds Riches Club.We got trophies in our eyes.