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karim2703d ago

That was a very impressive performance.

FootballZilla2703d ago

where theres 5 goals there is a good performance most likely

karim2703d ago

NO! it depends...Maybe the other team played like shit but today Man Ure impressed..

presto7172703d ago

Your comment reeks of "backhanded complement"

karim2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

You should get an IQ test since you know everything..

presto7172703d ago

That the best you've got?

KingsCross2703d ago

Who cares? United was good. The end.

ad4mb2703d ago

unbeaten, gained points when we havnt played great, top of the league and things are only going to get better. Great performance


RedDevils2703d ago

today is PL trashing day, Liverpool 0-3, Arsenal 3-0,United 5-0

RufustheKing2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Now Man u need to keep this up and the PL will be in the bag.

Whats funny is, if Berb keeps getting the goals he'll get the golden boot, but just imagine the odds at the start of this season for berb to win the golden boot. 10000-1?

what a pay out for those lucky few :)

karim2703d ago

I predicted at the start of the season he would score 20 or more goals...shame I din't/can't bet

RufustheKing2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

bet you didn't see chelsea falling apart like that did you? ;)

Mendieta2703d ago

Berb has on/off butten, you get never wise on him. sometimes he playing like a intermediate player, and sometims he is the best goalie in th world

Mozilla892703d ago

I never knew Berbatov played goalie! ;)

RufustheKing2702d ago

well in the last 2 seasons berb has stopped more goals going in than scored.

Mendieta2702d ago

LOL! My English is not so good. Sorry:)

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