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Real Madrid Pondering Bid For Chelsea Striker Didier Drogba

Real Madrid will test Chelsea’s resolve with an offer for striker Didier Drogba before the end of the current transfer window, according to reports.

The Sunday Mirror remarks that the Ivorian is rumoured to be heading for the Stamford Bridge exit door in the summer, as the London side plan a complete revamp of their ageing squad.

The 32-year-old Drogba has struggled to find the net in recent matches, and Los Blancos coach Jose Mourinho is preparing a bid to take him to the Santiago Bernabeu for the second half of the season.

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KingsCross2647d ago

Chelsea wont sell him. And Drobga recently said he would stay in Chelsea as long as his good enough. Waste of energy!

sokrates2646d ago

I think they will sell him. Mourinho had a special relationship to some of the players. If Drogba wants a reunion, its hard for the club to hold on him. From a shit club to another: who cares anyway?

RedDevils2646d ago

remember Drogba said if he ever leave Chelsea the only Club it would be MARSEILLE so this news is bullshit written all over it

Fagerborgbk2646d ago

what should he do there. he is not good enough to play for real madrid.

who should give up the space for him??

RedDevils2646d ago

is this come from caughofside or failblog?

Leio2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

When its everything is written with a fistful of salt

karim2646d ago

Ahhh " more fiction than Harry Potter"
Drogba MIGHT be sold this summer since he's 33 y.o and not on such an amazing form...But like @RedDevils said he'll only leave for Marseille.

Maradona2646d ago

i wouldnt buy a player that lies down the whole match...

sokrates2646d ago

Me neither. Drobga is like = full of ...

karim2645d ago

Last season = 37 goals.
Well with the minutes he have been up,he scores golazos but NOT this season unfortunately

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