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Lampard set to miss Bolton clash

Frank Lampard did not travel with the rest of the Chelsea squad for tonight's Barclays Premier League clash at Bolton.

England midfielder Lampard recently returned from a four-month layoff caused by hernia and groin problems.

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Maradona2587d ago

Lampard, Terry and Gerrard... Is the time over for the big heroes?

sokrates2587d ago

Now the Chelseas will start with excuses again: we had sooo many injuries... The best has been out... well, its time to understand that a football club needs more than 11 players in the squad to win the league!

KingsCross2587d ago

Stupid thing to say. Chelsea had a lot of unluck due to injuries of the main players. Its the fact, no one can deny it.

Maradona2587d ago

yes but when you have injuries, you have good enough players in the squad to replace them.

KingsCross2587d ago

So, unluck with injuries doesnt exist anymore??? There is a reason a player is on the bench... Not good enough. when a benched player, plays, the team isnt performing their best. Obvious!

GJ232587d ago

It is important to have decent back up, especially for a champion's league team. Lampard/terry injury excuses doesnt really have any merit since the squad should have been reinforced if the manager knew these weaknesses

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GJ232587d ago

Its gonna get really hard for them in the next few years. Not as young as they were meaning injuries will become more frequent and take a longer time to heal. I think they all have atleast 3 more years of top quality football though

Mozilla892587d ago

You think so? I'm a Chelsea fan but even I'm not that optimistic. I'd say Lampard may have 2 more good seasons. Terry should have 3-4 cause he's 30 but it depends on how long he plays with his bad back. Should get that rested.

GJ232586d ago

They do seem to take care of themselves pretty well. With decent conditioning i can see them playing at an adequate level for that long.