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Ajax Set Ultimatum For Liverpool To Improve Luis Suarez Offer

Eredivisie outfit Ajax have set an ultimatum for Liverpool to improve their offer for Luis Suarez before Saturday if they want to lure the Uruguay international away from his current club this winter.

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The Hunter2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Yeah of cource! Ajax have not good strikers ATM.. So if they want to buy a striker if Suarez leaving, they have still time to buy a decent striker!

Suarez = suspended
El Hamdaoui = 'Sick' and 'Injured' (He is forcing a exit)
Cvitanich = Injured

The only striker we got now is De Jong, but he is normally a '10'.. So Liverpool should hurry up (with the €30mil) or f*ck off!

Maradona2584d ago

skip him, hes not worth it.

hendrikmaster2584d ago

liverpool, its now or never. So get it over with!

sokrates2584d ago

True. I would say never!

ultramoot2583d ago

I'd rather buy Aguero for £45m than sign Suarez for £30m. Leave him, LFC. De Boer is an idiot. He'll never get an offer better than £22m.

kulka2583d ago

Suarez is not worth 30 milion he plays for a weak league not sure he is good enough for England get Llorente or Benzema