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Highlights: FC Porto 3-0 Nacional, Portuguese Liga

Highlights: FC Porto 3-0 Nacional, Portuguese Liga
1-0 Hulk 3'
2-0 Hulk 33'
3-0 James Rodriguez 45'

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no_more_heroes2676d ago

Dear God, Porto is as ridiculous as Barcelona!

Wait a minute, why is the stadium so empty?

FootballZilla2676d ago

Porto have got the league and the europa league this year;)

GJ232676d ago

Didnt notice that. Tickets must be expensive?

Rockstar_Panda2675d ago

Euro 2004 stadiums are pratically empty. Only 3 stadiums are full, and that's rare. The tickets are expensive, and the majority of matches are at night. Also, this match was played in the middle of the week.

GJ232676d ago

Hope Hulk will move to a bigger club soon. Very impressive

FootballZilla2676d ago

he will trust me at the end of season ;)

GJ232675d ago

Who do you think he'll join?

Rockstar_Panda2676d ago

That's the problem. If the portuguese teams sold less players the Liga would be as good as the English, Italian and Spanish in a 5/10 years period.

GJ232675d ago

Yeah i know. It's a shame. They play good football in portugal. Money is too much temptation for the bosses :/

FootballZilla2675d ago

Yeah players like ; Pepe, Bosingwa, Deco, Bruno Alves, Ronaldo, Nani, Carvalho, Ramires, Diego, Luis Fabiano, Quaresma, Simao etc all start in portugal but end up leaving for big wages