How Good Is New Liverpool Signing Luis Suarez?

"Luis Suarez has successfully passed his medical and personal terms with the player have been agreed. We expect to complete the remainder of the paperwork [on Monday]" - Liverpool FC.

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ohahCantona2396d ago

Finally Liverpool made a good signing! But still they need more players if they want to become top 10.

Yi-Long2396d ago

... but Liverpool need some improvements on their midfield as well. Signing Honda or Theo Janssen would be a good start.

ohahCantona2396d ago

whos Theo Janssen? Where is he playing?

Yi-Long2396d ago

... who plays for current champions FC Twente. Great player with good vision and a fantastic free kick/shot/pass.

zico2396d ago

I think Suarez is a player who will open­ up a lot of things at Liverpool, and if Torres stays­ they may combine well.

Maradona2396d ago

They need one more like him if Torres leaves. If not he will be very alone on top.

MasterGuru2396d ago

He is as good as Messi.