Chelsea's £50m deal for Fernando Torres worries UEFA

Roman Abramovich's preparedness to spend £50m on Fernando Torres has come as a surprise and as a blow to Uefa. The Chelsea owner has been viewed by Uefa mandarins as a key proponent of its financial fair play regulations, which will seek to limit clubs' losses to €45m (£38.7m) over a three-year period that began this season.

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The Hunter2181d ago

I hope chelsea will be punished soon! No European football anymore for Chelsea! Financial FAIR PLAY!!

neoragex2181d ago

Na.. chelsea's not alone.. Man City will join them soon, if they don't finish in the top 3

rafay2180d ago

Man City should just buy a trophy, and be happy.

rafay2180d ago

Punished they won't be. But I'm all for the UEFA rules.