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sokrates2133d ago

Good for the competition, but this was a lucky strike for Arsenal. They didnt deserve to win.

rafay2133d ago

They didn't deserve to lose. That goal by Saha was horrendous!

no_more_heroes2133d ago

Louis Saha was WAY offside and I'm baffled at how they allowed it to stand.

zico2133d ago

I feel sorry for Everton today. They played very good­ and deserved one point. But good for the league

rafay2133d ago

They never looked like scoring. And the goal was so offside its not even funny! I think good win for Arsenal

zico2133d ago

the ref thinks the ball come from a Arsenal player, but it`s wrong. The goal should have been called off!

no_more_heroes2132d ago

This is the type of match Arsenal usually screw up. Glad that they showed some character today.

zico2132d ago

yes, agree. Strong turning this to a victory. Wenger should have bought a defense player in the transfer window!

karim2132d ago

Yesterday (On Twitter) Arsenal fans started swearing and criticizing Arshavin..Now he's some kind of god.
P:S: The reason why Saha's goal stood was because the linesman view was blocked by the sun...also known as Saha's hair