Gary Neville the pundit: the case for and against

After retiring from football following 20 years of loyal service to Manchester United Gary Neville is expected to find a new home on Sky Sports' expensive pundits' chairs. Telegraph Sport assesses what he would bring to the role.

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KazumaKiryu2208d ago

Oh great. Replaced a know-nothing monkey with a know-nothing rat. Glad I cancelled my sky.

donb2208d ago

Well, for sure he is not showed that he behaves the TV-situation for the last 20 years, thats why it surprices me hes gonna work with TV...

KazumaKiryu2208d ago

Yeah can't wait until he covers a liverpool game lol.

zootang2208d ago

If you have ever read any of his articles you would know that they usually end up being highly praised.

Sir Alex
"We've recognised time and time again his opinions are always fairly accurate, forthright and honest - and there's nothing wrong with that,"

karim2208d ago

Looking forward to his "unbiased" opinions and him covering a Liverpool game.