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Highlights: Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool (English Premier League 06/02/2011)

0-1 Raul Meireles 69'

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Sahil2634d ago

This is the most amazing day of my life, we beat just Chelsea without a center forward!

rafay2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Kyut was there! I think he play one of the best games of his life..

Sahil2634d ago

I meant to say without a proper CF, he's not one. He's a playmaker/attacking MF.

EVO-OM3GA2634d ago

Congrats to Liverpool! Defensively they played well and we were Poor only after Torres came back off and we went to a 4-3-3

On the plus, David Luiz looks like a Gem! and we need to get a playmaker! a Kaka or Ozil

rafay2634d ago

There was no midfield for Chelsea whatsoever!

For Liverpool there was no one really to take a shot, and for Chelsea there was no one to make a good enough move for someone to take a shot!

EVO-OM3GA2633d ago

Yeah none of our Midfielders were really running at liverpool, but there players were all supporting the defence it made it hard to break them down.

But either way Good Result for LiverPool, even though I hate them scousers!!

freeduck2634d ago

LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL! Fantastic performance from all 11 players! Well done and a deserved victory! CHampions league here we come!

rafay2634d ago

What do I do if I agree with half and disagree with the rest?

Champions League is a little too far of now. But what a win!

freeduck2634d ago

6/7 pts from 4th. It's definitely in our reach. If Tottenham and Chelsea start dropping more points and Liverpool win more games it's definitely possible.

Wigan next, but there are hard games coming (ManU and ManC @home, Arsenal away) yet it is definitely possible!

karim2634d ago

Fair play to Liverpool,they were amazing at the back.
ONE mis-understanding costed us the game.
The ref was blind tbh,we should have had a pen at injury time.
David Luiz,you're awesome.
Kudos to King Kenny,tactical genius,even though it's anti-football.
Torres CAN'T be blamed,many players marked him at the same time.

rafay2633d ago

Liverpool should have won 2-1. So justice done on the day.

Sahil2633d ago

Can i get a FERNANDO WHO? Miereles! Who? Miereles!!! We took thier mon£y, took their 3 points, took their ego, Took their Pride...may King Kenny ways b STRAIGHT!!! 2 4th place! Woooo!!!

BTW,am goin crazy!

karim2633d ago

Why 1-2 ? Maxi missed it..For us it was the ref's fault

Sahil2633d ago

3 points, 50 million and we didn't even need to play Suarez, What a Week... YNWA!

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The story is too old to be commented.