Snoods banned but Fifa to continue goalline technology testing

Football's lawmaking body the International Football Association Board has decided to ban players from wearing neck-warming snoods from this summer. At their annual meeting in Newport, Ifab also agreed to continue testing goalline technology for one more year. The ban will come into effect on 1 July. "There was not even a discussion because this is not part of the uniform and it can be dangerous," the Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, said.

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kulka2147d ago

Finally some good news from the FA they banned those life threatning snoods :P and left out the goal line technology this is a joke

FootballZilla2146d ago

Why ban them seriously omfg.

zootang2146d ago

I agree! Next, long socks and long sleeved shirts.

kijonll2146d ago Show
rafay2146d ago

At least FIFA have a sense of humour.

lyvon2146d ago

Glad to see FIFA focusing on its priorities for a change...