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The 20 Fastest Players in World Football: Featuring Ronaldo and Messi

In the modern game of football, speed and agility are among the most important qualities for a professional footballer to possess.

It is now a regular facet to the game of the majority of the world's top strikers and wingers allowing them to take on and beat opposing defenders

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ultramoot2467d ago

None of them are as fast as Ronaldo was during his PSV/Barcelona days, before his knee injury.

Samus HD2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

1.Ronaldo is The fastest player (and best FOR ME)
Messi isn't that fast - if he is the best player doesn't mean he is the fastest

zico2466d ago

Spurs have two of the fastest players: Bale and Lennon.

zeddy2467d ago

walcott and bale are the fastest in the league, agbonlahor is fast but he never seems to use it and im suprised nani isnt on the list.

RedDevils2467d ago

agbonlahor is the fastest when he score a goal against Arsenal

karim2466d ago

Ashley Cole - Walcott - Bale are the fastest in the league.
Ronaldo - Robben - Messi are fast too but the top 3 are : Ronaldo - Robben - Walcott.

kulka2466d ago

What about Pedro, Suarez also looked quick

ultramoot2466d ago

I don't know about Pedro.

Suarez has very good acceleration. However, his top-speed isn't as fast as those on that list. Fortunately, he has other great attributes that'll still allow him to beat defenders time and again.

Ddouble2466d ago

Joffre Guerron should be on the list.