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Highlights: Bayern Munich 6-0 Hamburg SV (German Bundesliga 12/03/2011)

1-0 Robben 40'
2-0 Robben 47'
3-0 Robben 55'
4-0 Ribéry 64'
5-0 Müller 79'
6-0 Westermann (Own Goal) 85'

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The Hunter2565d ago

Nice match and a nice result for Van Gaal! Hope he leave the club in a good way and not got fired early..

zico2565d ago

He is a great manager! I don`t believe why Bayern don`t want him anymore.

Maybe he leaves as both Bundesliga champions and CL winner. That have been fun.

RedDevils2564d ago

Hope he come back to Ajax and revive the old Ajax

zico2565d ago

Great attacking football Bayern! And Robben + Ribéry (R+R) are true! Amazing players!

The Hunter2565d ago

Robéry is the nickname of these 2 ;)

karim2565d ago

Arjen Robben,what a legend.

Anderson82565d ago

wtf was the keeper doing for the 2nd goal

NanoSoldier2564d ago

Inter will kick their faces on tuesday! Can't wait

Jihaad_cpt2564d ago

you are retarded Inter are usless

zico2564d ago

agree, Inter don`t have a chance!

NanoSoldier2564d ago

We will see, I'll come back at you when Inter kills Bayern. Forza Inter!

Jihaad_cpt2564d ago

guess we won't be seeing you ;)