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As Arsenal and United Weaken, Can Chelsea Retain Their Premier League Title?

Bleacher Report: First things first, I have to say that I am a massive Chelsea fan, so if you strongly oppose my bias stop reading now.

Right now, the top of the Premier League table looks more interesting than it has in a long time. Shocking results and erratic form have seen England's elite constantly locked together, yet unable to pull away from their rivals.

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nieuwland142715d ago

I hope so the end of the season is going to be really exciting

hendrikmaster2715d ago

they have no chance man united have a six point lead

lukie1222715d ago

but chelsea still need to play against man u.

zootang2715d ago

at Old Trafford the theater of dreams, without Martin Atkinson!

kulka2715d ago

If Howard Webb is not the ref then Chelsea can beat United

Sahil2715d ago

Anyone can win it..

Arsenal/Man City/Chelsea :)

RedDevils2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

It can't be Chelsea, if United ever slip it would be Arsenal or Man City to take the title never gonna be Chelsea that like saying Stoke City will be in top 4 by the end of the season, not a chance!
they still got Man city, Spurs, and Everton

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ohahCantona2715d ago

United will take this home...again. They simply are the best team in the league.

6 points down to chelsea are to much, and they showed it yesterday against arsenal that they are a better team. Two weeks ago Arsenal could win 4 titles, now the only change left is the league but the squad is not big and good enough for the hole season.

Yi-Long2715d ago

.. but the manager, who I love for his insistence on playing attractive attacking positive football, and on giving young talented players a chance instead of buying big names...

.... but who proofs time and time and time again that tactically he's a bit of a lightweight.

Would be nice if they could sell Fabregas and Arshavin and Van Persie for a huge bundle of money, and buy Honda, Van Bommel for their midfield, plus get a workpermit for on-loan Ryo, who is making a tremendous impression.

zinedine2715d ago

chelsea still have tottenam H, man city H and man u A so its a tough period of the season

zico2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

yes they have, but I think they are back on track again as we saw them playing early in the season...and then no one took points against them. This is gonna be a hard match to the bitter end! Anything can happens

sokrates2715d ago

Chelsea has no chance in this season. they wasted it all after an amazing start of the season. Their problem is that they use the same players over and over, and when they are injured, they have no one to substitute them. Stupid manager. Ridicoulus club!

Mozilla892715d ago

Anything can happen, I'm not going to say that Chelsea have a great chance, but it could happen. We won at OT last year and can do it again.

Until some other team has the gold patch on their kits we're Champions of England!

KingsCross2715d ago

I agree with you! There are still many points to win and loose. And if Chelsea stays put, and United keep on lossing points: anything could happen!