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Arsenal FC: 10 Mistakes Wenger Has Made That Could Cost Them This Season

Arsenal have had an extremely difficult time in the last two weeks in which they crashed out of all cup competitions and have only the league to play for. Their trophy drought is weighing heavily on the players, and the heat is on Wenger and his men to prove themselves.

Though Arsene Wenger is defending his team's mentality, many supporters have lost faith in the club's ability to make it count in the big matches.

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lukie1222624d ago

arsene should at least win the season, if you ask me.

Yi-Long2624d ago

... but Arsenal is just too naieve each and every time it actually matters, and although I love Wenger for how he wants to bring up young talented players instead of buying stars (which I admire and agree with), and how he wants to play positive attacking football most of the time (which I also admire and agree with)...

... he's quite a tactical idiot, very often making big crucial tactical mistakes in the games that matter most. Sadly.

And it's incredibly frustrating to watch as well.

So yeah, I'd like Arsenal to win the league, but I can totally see them losing a couple of crucial games again, and probably completely needlessly as well.

DavidLuiz42624d ago

Im Hoping Manchester United Gets CAUGHT ! So either Arsenal .. Chelsea or MANCHESTER UNITED WINN