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The Worst 25 Refereeing Decisions of All-Time

As the controversy surrounding Robin Van Persie's sending off rumbles on following Arsenal's acrimonious Champions League departure, calls for improvements in refereeing standards continue.

Whilst the subject of video technology will always be a permanent fixture in football talk, many are now clamouring for FIFA to focus on the man in the middle more so than anything else.

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nieuwland142656d ago

Van Persie defintely didnt deserve that red card it wouldnt affected much of the game though seeing that arsenal played a 5-4 defense and 1 attacker

Yi-Long2655d ago

... after that idiotic tackle on Messi (which could have been a straight red), as well as him laying his hands on Alves (which could have been a straight red), after Abidal also should have been given red for him grabbing Van Persie's neck.

It was just an extremely dumb reaction, and not the first one that night. However, he shouldn't even have been on the pitch to begin with, which was a tactical mistake by Wenger.

hendrikmaster2656d ago

this is true arsenal were sloppy upfront 0 shots, 0 shots on goal

lukie1222655d ago

van persie deserved the red card after he shoved dani alves' faces

Mozilla892655d ago

Pretty much the entire Chelsea vs. Barcelona semi-final.

no_more_heroes2654d ago

That same Van Persie incident happened in the Bayern-Inter match around the 28th minute, a stadium with 30,000 less people in it at the time and there was no yellow card then. This means, then, that he was just looking for any excuse to send him off because he reviewed the incident at half-time and thought he should have sent him off before.