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No team will want to draw Chelsea in the Champions League - even Barcelona

Forget a night of tedium at Stamford Bridge that was enlivened only by the terrace antics of the visiting fans who lustily sang classic English anthems as if they hailed from Catford, not Copenhagen.

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nieuwland142930d ago

Chelsea will come far in the champions league, i hope they play barca in the semis

hendrikmaster2930d ago

and then manchester vs barca in the final :)

zootang2929d ago

United are still on for Barca in the final!

lukie1222930d ago

I also think real madrid will come far.

DavidLuiz42929d ago

I hope Barca Gets Out ... Then Manchester United ... So Chelsea and Realmadrid can Play In the finals :)

kulka2929d ago

Barca Chelsea would be good final