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Highlights: Man. City 1-0 Dynamo Kiev [Agg 1-2] (UEFA Europa League Round of 16 2nd Leg - 17/03/11)

1-0 A. Kolarov 39'

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Maradona2651d ago

good to see. Money doesnt fix everything..

Vherostar2650d ago

Ain't you a Real Madrid fan?? So thats ironic..

kulka2651d ago

Well Balottelii is a complete idiot his lack of discipline has proved vital to the defeat

b163o12651d ago

Still a top four team, just didn't win THIS cup, still in the FA. We will beat United(Yeah, yeah I can smell the disagrees), but we all know Rooney will not score another goal like that ever again-glad that I seen it- but he's fading out. I love my team, just as you love yours. Blue Moon 10yrs strong!!!!! *_*

RedDevils2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

keep dreaming, we will put a final touch to your coffin

DavidLuiz42651d ago

Oh Hush... Pal.. Yall City fans are going to get beat this Sunday , so good luck !

Ps - Money Doesnt BuY Anything ... So Keep On Dreaming ...

Vherostar2650d ago

LOL @ the irony of a chelsea supporter saying money doesn't buy you anything! Look in your tropy room! Money bought you most of that! The top teams have been spending silly amounts on players for years an winning just because City have done it in a little time (like chelsea) we get called well bring it on as we know the truth we don't deny it.

As for the game Balotelli was a disgrace to the shirt and bad tactics + a LOT of theatric diving stopped us but theres still the FA cup and we are getting better each year while everybody around us minus Arsenal are falling apart.

kulka2650d ago

It's funny how all the Chelsea fans laugh of City's chances despite Chelsea being on top because of Abramovic investment they started the money madness in the Premier League

DavidLuiz42650d ago

Okay ... and at least we won when Abramovic bought chelsea... we won the 04 -05 and 2010 ... And WERE SEEING MANCHESTER WITH ALL THESE INCREDIBLE PLAYERS

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