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Highlights: Liverpool 0-0 SC Braga [Agg 0-1] (UEFA Europa League Round of 16 2nd Leg - 17/03/11)

No goals, but lots of other highlights

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FootballZilla2652d ago

Liverpool and Man City both out. :/

Braga are not even that good there 6th in the league i think.

If porto gets them we will destroy them :D

no_more_heroes2652d ago

Liverpool lacked cutting edge (and a little bit of luck) in this match. Definitely missed Suarez(ineligible) and Gerrard today. Carroll unlucky late on that a goal-bound header comes off of Kuyt.

kulka2652d ago

Big mistake to bring on that idiot Ngog he did nothing right since he came on terrbile player we need a striker as a replacment overall performance was shocking no creativity at all in the centre

no_more_heroes2652d ago

Braga pressed Liverpool as effectively as Barcelona would. It wasn't until late on when they started sitting back did Liverpool really start hammering down the door. Like I said above though, they still could have sent it to extra time with that late Carroll chance.

Sahil2651d ago

we had chances but the long ball formula for the 90-min sunk liverpool, next year.. what else.. it's good spurs and chel are busy with CL city with fa cup, chance to make it to the 5th spot, you never know :)


2652d ago
freeduck2652d ago

Such an awful game. One of the worst games I've seen Liverpool play all season.
It was the same play every time. The center backs hoof the ball to Kuyt or Carroll.
We created only a few chances the entire 90 minutes.

We need wingers, defenders and a midfielder this summer. Although I don't know how much we can attract since there is no Europe for us.

Sahil2651d ago

meireles felt lft out, nobody to support him, need one top-class MF and DF..

kenny, i hope you are watching coentrao!