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Mario Balotelli: The 5 Dumbest Moments of His Career so Far

There’s trouble brewing at Eastlands as patience is running thin on £24 million man Mario Balotelli. Italian U-21 manager Pierluigi Casiraghi said, “Seeing a lad of his talent who at 18 behaves like this both with the national team and his club is infuriating.” Then Inter manager José Mourinho remarked “He has a single brain cell, he's impossible to work with." Current manager, Roberto Mancini claimed, "I speak but I don't think he listens."

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nieuwland142923d ago

mario is such a brat he is probaly a nightmare for each coach

hendrikmaster2922d ago

Balotelli is to involved with himself then with the team.

cozmo1952922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

/\ Chelsea, Man u and liverpool fans hate him

where is arsenal?

Sahil2922d ago

LOL.. Nice catch!

He gives dumbness a new meaning!