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FC Barcelona Transfers: Fabregas, Bale and 6 Players Who Could Make Barca Better

Barcelona have built a brilliant team through their youth academy and their passing game is arguably the best in the world. Under the astute stewardship of Pep Guardiola, the team has conquered all trophies and have been extremely successful in the last three years. Their youth academy, the famous La Masia, is one of the major reasons why they have so many brilliant performers who have no problems in adjusting to the team's passing philosophy.

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nieuwland142594d ago

i dont think bale will go to barca just yet, maybe in a couple of years

ohahCantona2594d ago

agree, he just sign a new contract with tottenham:

hendrikmaster2594d ago

fabregas defintely plays the barca style of football, he would be perfect there

sokrates2594d ago

I dont think any player in the world would make Barca better, except from Wayne Rooney in shape. Fabregas is way behind Barca standard.

zeddy2594d ago

the only player who could make em better would be c.ronaldo and aint goin to happen.

Sahil2593d ago

Hello, barca has the upgraded version of Ronaldo.. LM!

Mozilla892594d ago

I think Iker Casillas could make them better. Valdes is by no means a bad keeper but definitely not one of the top three or five in the world.