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Highlights: Manchester United 1-0 Bolton Wanderers (English Premier League - 19/03/11)

1-0 D. Berbatov 88'

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crazyturkey2706d ago

great result for Man. united.

zootang2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

This is without us clicking at the moment. Team for the future! Very young team we had out today.


He was really good for the reserves before he was sent out on loan. England U21's first choice striker will be back, Danny Wellbeck. Have you seen Ravel Morrison? He looks out of this world!

RedDevils2706d ago

Tom Cleverley score today, he will be a greater talent for the team next season

kulka2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Lol last few minutes again United are just the luckiest team ever lol
the luck was on their side whole season but credit to them they can dig deep to get results

zootang2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Luck comes with hard work my friend!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

RedDevils2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

LUCK my ass, we create our own luck, if you don't take your chance then obviously you gonna loose, just like Liverpool in the Europa league, or Arsenal at Nou Camp where Bendner didn't take his chance, you creates your own luck by determination and hardwork.
Saying United is Lucky is getting old, maybe you didn't know but we doing it for more than 20 years already

zico2706d ago

Agree with Kulka, United lucky as usual. If they don`t score goals in a usual way, goalkeepers had to help them....

zootang2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

RedDevils has it spot on! When will people wake up. United have a young team that can only get better!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

zeddy2706d ago

no luck about it, taylor had a clear chance for 0-1 and didnt take it and in the end the other teams keeper makes a mistake, so if you wanna blame someone blame bolton.

sokrates2706d ago

You are right: They dig deep to get results. Its not luck, its a quality. No match in PL is easy to win, the differences are small. Hard work in 90 minutes gives results and United has the best disiplin as a team in England thanks to our manager.

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RedDevils2706d ago

Evans, what a poor tackle well deserved red. That just summed up his season, Smalling on the other hand, games after games, keep perform impressively like Evans was last season. SAF did a great changes by bringing Berba on, and shuffle the team around to a good affect

zeddy2706d ago

good result and i would have taken 1-0 from the start the way bolton are playing and its a bonus the gunners drew.

ohahCantona2706d ago

Great weekend: Arsenal one point, united 3 (lucky or not, still we take 3 points.)

My opinion: We deserved 3 points today. The goal should have come earlier, but came late. We deserved it!