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Player Ratings: Chelsea 2-0 Manchester City

What started out as a tame affair at Stamford Bridge came to life in the dying moments as goals from David Luiz and Ramires secured a 2-0 win over for Chelsea over Manchester City. The three points see the Blues leapfrog their opponents into third place in the Premier League...

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nieuwland142704d ago

Chelsea played excellent in the last 15 minutes, a shame that malouda missed that chance!

hendrikmaster2704d ago

Ramires' goal was brilliant!

genocidegeneral2152703d ago

i agree,
but citys defense was shambles!

MaximusPrime2704d ago

both Brazilians, David Luiz and Ramires were BRILLIANT!

its second goal for David Luiz on both matches with top teams! Man U and Man City. WOW!

sokrates2703d ago

Yes. Big man for the big matches. I am happy that the Brazilians are doing well- but why Chelsea?

DavidLuiz42703d ago

You got absolute issues with Chelsea haha!

What is wrong with you... Calm down Lmao!! hahahahahaa! Lol

Chelsea dont like u and never did :)

KingsCross2703d ago

Why? It happens to be the best place to be. What do Chelsea not have`?

DavidLuiz42703d ago

Amazing I Say ... Absolute Amazed By the 2 Brazilians on the team !!

sokrates2703d ago

I really hope not:) That Chelsea likes me...

DavidLuiz42703d ago

it never did :) ... You got so much things against them ..no1 cares about ur atitude and comments about them keep that to ur self .. lmao hahahaha!! U dont see us coming on Man u fans and saying all these insults and comments .. hahaha!! no1 cares ... and it never liked u and never did :)