EPL: Rating the Sides' Remaining Fixtures and Season Targets

Last night saw the 30th round of the English Premier League come to a close, with Chelsea making things interesting again claiming a 2-0 win over Manchester City, and Liverpool heralding their own return beating Sunderland by the same score.

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nieuwland142346d ago

arsenal still need to play liverpool, manchester united and tottenam that will be harsh

lukie1222346d ago

Well that gives chelsea the chance to return!

hendrikmaster2346d ago

Manchester and Arsenal have a couple of hard games but Manchester will handle it.

zinedine2346d ago

Chelsea only have to play Manchester away and Tottenam away the rest are easy.

Sahil2346d ago

The story so far...: I have it on good authority that in the next edition of the Oxford English dictionary, the definition for '180 degrees' will be "The season that Liverpool had in 2010-11."

-Bleacher Report